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Our job is to ignite your resourcefulness so that you can discover how you can get Way More from your life.
We are Francesca Farina and Francesca Cerletti (yes, the same name!) and we believe you can do surprisingly big things: learn more about us and start to change for good. 

Our Guiding



We cultivate your unique idea. Here we do not give advice. It’s tempting to believe that the key to success is a magic formula or someone else’s experience. But you know better.


We support you in your goal. We are here to help you tap in your own wisdom and discover your own resources so you can act on your own authority.


We believe that honesty is a powerful tool. Everything starts there. If you want to change something, say it.

Get more from your life

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Experiencing difficulties, in the family memeber, in the neighbourhood, at work? Looking for a way to talk with someone? We can help you find peace and quiet in order to move on with your life.


Aiming for more? Seeing more potential in yourself and looking for satisfaction in your work life? Do you want to become your own boss? If you want to change your work life or even your work, we can help you.


Whatever is your creative project – writing a book, promoting yourself as an actor, setting your routine for growing as an artist – you need your creativity and motivation to flow, but you also need a plan and a strong routine. Be the best version of yourself and get things done. 


Lost in translation? Working and/or living outside your comfort zone, in a multicultural environment is fascinating and has its challenges. When we need to understand how we can bridge gaps, coaching can help you find the skills and strengths you have to navigate cultural dimensions.

What Our Clients Say

It had a massive impact on my goals that is still affecting me today. I was very satisfied with my action plan and followed it through. I had dates a... Read More
LB - Life coach
Francesca Farina helped me a lot in deciding between different job offers, and clarifying my needs. I contacted her about a career change I am making... Read More
MG - Marketing Manager
Coaching gave me a feeling of greater strength and freedom. Francesca’s questions led me on a path that allowed me to better clarify and visualize ... Read More
LA - Mum of two
Our coaching brought me a greater awareness of my qualities and created routines and habits that help me to manage my days more effectively. The work... Read More
RD - Social Media Manager

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