Cross-cultural coaching

Become an effective code-switcher

Sometimes we see cultural difference like what exists between Italians and Japanese. In reality, there are micro- dimensions of culture that are even harder to spot.

You are working in a diverse and/or multicultural environment and are puzzled by the times things have been ‘lost in translation’. Despite the conversations and clarifications, something is still beyond us as to how the outcome has turned the way it has.

If you…


Want to maximize your ability to work with others


Need your team to build on their strengths


Want to bridge the differences


Want to move between cultural dimensions fluently


Want to adapt the way you interact with others.

Then cross-cultural coaching is for you!

Move effortlessly between cultural dimensions.

Discover how you can fine-tune your ability to move between one cultural dimension to another, through coaching, learning how to code-switch from one culture to another with no barriers.

Here is what’s included in the 6 coaching sessions:

Initial coaching questionnaire to help you focus on what you desire.

6 sessions over an agreed period of time (usually 3 months), each coaching session 50 mins.

A tailored experience: all the work we do together is designed around your real situation.

Encouragement, challenges and accountability.

GBP 60/session