Get closer to your

entrepreneurial creativity

one session at a time.

Coaching for those who want to start leading their own business, but whose progress toward freedom is slow going.

Every day you repeat to yourself that you deserve more than the office job you are doing now, but you are stuck in your own head worrying whether you’re good enough and then very few energies are left to really move into that independent business you are dreaming of.

If you feel…

You really want to pave the way to your independent job, but you can’t stop that inner chatter from questioning your value.
You are bored and over-skilled for your actual job.
Confused about your new entrepreneurial career.

You have the skills you need, but you still doubt yourself.

Just scared to change what you have with no obvious reason.
Suffer from the shiny object syndrome: follow every new method or ideas unable to decide what’s right for you.

And you want to…


Create a clear vision of what you want to achieve.


Analyse your situation and develop a plan that works


Understand your call and talents and thrive on them.


Identify what makes you fulfilled and inspired.


Set a plan on how to transition from a sad and boring job into an inspiring career.


Find solutions that work for you and that you can immediately put in action.


Be sure that your choice meets your needs.

Then Solopreneur coaching is for you!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic just to go after your entrepreneurial career, smoothly?

In the way we do coaching at Way More, you can find the space and support to develop and explore your powerful ideas.

The result is a greater sense of confidence and ease as you lead through your dream, even when things are uncertain or evolving.

Get support, accountability &
encouragement along the way.

We want you to help you to fully develop your plan, in a safe and supporting environment.
You know better than anything else what you need and what’s right for your situation: you already know that you just need to see it a bit more clearly.

Here is what’s included in the 6 weeks coaching sessions:

Initial coaching questionnaire to help you focus on what you desire.

1 session of 50 minutes every week for 3 or 6 weeks.

A tailored experience: all the work we do together is designed around your real situation.

An Action Planning Kit to fully develop your plan – step by step.

Encouragement, challenges and accountability.

Reflection and analysis on your own terms. No guru here!